Grandparents get married

I have always been a little shy about identifying myself too much on this blog. Maybe today I will let a little bit more information go by talking about the wedding of Grandparents.

My grandfather, Obed was his forename, was born and lived in the Buxted area of Sussex.  Granny was Ethel and she hailed from the area around Isfield in Sussex. The distance between them would have been about 5 miles but it might as well have been 5000 for all the likelihood of them happening to meet.

But Ethel got a job in service at a house in Buxted and meet they did, presumably in their teenage years – about 1909.

Eventually, they married in 1916 by which time both had jobs in Bexhill. I regard this photo as the wedding photo.


Obed is in military uniform and is about to head off for France. It has to be said that in the photo Ethel does not look all that happy but she has clearly posed her hand so the wedding ring is visible.

The back of the card says this.


The date given is March 1916 but they actually married in January.

Obed did return from the war. My dad was born in September 1919.

In January 1966 my grandparents celebrated their Golden Wedding.

They were a lovely couple – kind and caring. I used to enjoy staying with them down in Bexhill.

They are long gone, of course, but definitely not forgotten.


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One Response to “Grandparents get married”

  1. Alison from Gawsworth Says:

    What a lovely photo;
    better than the Selfies that are so popular today!

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