The Stone Country

We recently spent a week in Wensleydale – one of the Yorkshire Dales. I think most of the other Dales – Swaledale, Wharfedale, Nidderdale etc are named after the river that flows down them. The river in Wensleydale is the Ure. Wensley is one of several small villages in the dale.

Let’s take a short walk from Carperby, a village on the north side of the dale down towards Aysgarth which is on the river. I have called it the stone country. You’ll see why.

Small fields are divided up with stone walls. Many of them feature stone built sheds like this one which can offer access, or at least shelter, to two fields.


Some of these sheds have fallen into ruins.


The walls, too, tend to fall into disrepair but that makes for bigger field areas more suited to 21st century farming.


Walls, shed and the village of Carperby with not a brick in sight.


Stone walls as far as the eye can see.


The walls, of course, are dry stone – no mortar has been used in their manufacture.


Let’s finish with another shed – such iconic features of this landscape.



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3 Responses to “The Stone Country”

  1. canvassanctuary Says:

    I love dry stone walling so picturesque fab pictures.

  2. Aysgarth Falls | Locksands Life Says:

    […] We stayed in Carperby and that was no more than a mile away from the falls – a delightful walk through what I call ‘stone country’. We’ve looked at that before as well (click here). […]

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