England’s tallest waterfall

Those people who have travelled the world and seen some of the most dramatic falls there are – Niagara, Victoria etc. – may not think much of little Hardraw Force. But I say give it a chance and prepare to enjoy a cascade, dramatic in its own way. Like many falls, it may be better in winter when there has been rain than it would be in a long dry summer. I saw it on 25th November 2014 and there was plenty of water about.

Hardraw Force is privately owned and in the off season the entrance is via the Green Dragon pub in the village of Hardraw.


The sign is entertaining.


So D Mark Thompson is an innkeeper and waterfall provider.

When you step into the pub, you are transported back a couple of generations. It was mid-afternoon but a roaring fire was lit in the small bar area. It’s worth the visit just to experience the pub.

They charge a small fee, but they provide easy footpath access with picnic benches in places. We gather that at times band competitions are held amongst the dramatic scenery.


Having already tumbled the stream – the Hardraw Beck – is in something of a gorge. It is making its way down to the River Ure and Wensleydale. Hardraw is about a mile from Hawes.


And here is the fall.


That single drop of about 90 feet is the longest single drop fall in England. The quantity of water is not huge but even so, the noise it makes as it hits is really quite deafening.

Another photographer wandered into shot and he – an average sort of chap for size – provides scale.


If you can spot him, he’s a tiny blob to the right of the fall.


I thought I ought to get my wife to pose in front of the fall.

She did the same and put me in the spotlight.


You can see and hear a very brief video by clicking here.


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2 Responses to “England’s tallest waterfall”

  1. canvassanctuary Says:

    Awesome. This is on my to do list.

    • locksands Says:

      I see it as a not to be missed place – but then I have never seen any of the ‘great’ waterfalls of the world.

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