A Christmas gift

This year I am showing a gift I am giving this Christmas. It is a book and a second hand one at that. It’s even a bit foxed and, no doubt, when my son sees it he’ll sniff at it and say it has a ‘must factor’ and maybe he’ll add a number.

It’s always good if you can come across the right thing for a person and in my mind I can hear an adult niece chuckling over bits of this book and reading them out to anyone who’ll listen.

It is an early Denys Parsons book. He was an early collector of absurd misprints or just plain bad copy from newspapers etc. He invented a family, the Shrdlus to suffer the indignities that some of these cuttings portray. The book dates from 1952.


It’s a hardback small book and it still has a dustcover in pretty good order. We’ll note that illustrations are by the ever popular Ronald Searle.

Here’s an example.


Altogether I am giving about 300 silly sentences – up to 300 sniggers and giggles. Now that’s got to be good.

Oh, there is another sentimental reason for buying the book. My brother, who died close on 35 years ago at the absurdly young age of 33, was a Denys Parsons fan. Just buying the book allowed me to have thoughts of my much missed brother.


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