Eric Ravilious – December

I ought to be slightly disappointed by the December picture on my Eric Ravilious calendar for 2014. It portrays city life and I very much prefer the rural ways. I was a Londoner for three years – when I was a student and that’s probably a good time to be a Londoner.  But I couldn’t disagree more than I do with Samuel Johnson when he suggested that when a man is tired of London he is tired of life. My very different perspective is that a person who feels they need London to feel alive is leading a rather second rate life.

But I digress. And the truth is I love Eric’s portrayal of Piccadilly Circus which forms the picture for December.


This is one of the Ravilious images for Wedgwood. It is actually part of the ‘boat race’ series. Anyone who has read any of the P G Wodehouse books about Jeeves and Wooster will be aware that in times past the young bloods gathered in central London on boat race night and generally made whoopee, Our artist has given us a feel for this with his roof top and taxi top people, not to mention one chap sliding down the statue of Eros.

People are streaming on to the open topped bus, so perhaps the less inebriated are making their way home.

And so it becomes time to say farewell to the art works of Ravilious – except that I have one print permanently up and books full of others.

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