Record coasters

My regular readers will know that I have a taste for dance band music on old 78 rpm records played on mechanical gramophones.

Another of my gifts at the most recent Christmas concerned such items. Somebody had the bright idea of taking the middles of such records, sticking a piece of felt on the back and selling them as coasters. I was given a little collection of four such items.


I’d like to hope that the whole records were beyond real use. Otherwise it seems a waste of them.

Let’s pick on a couple of them.


Night and Day – a Cole Porter song sung by the Comedy Harmonists. As far as I can make out this was a collection of German singers who operated from about 1929 to 1934


Cryin’ for the Carolines is film music, played in syncopated fashion by Raie da Costa. She came from South Africa originally and sadly died in 1934 so this record dates from the same era as Night and Day.

Search on You Tube and you can here both records. Obviously, my coasters don’t still have the groove with the music recorded.

I rather like these coasters. Actually using them might be a problem for it will rapidly wear away the paper labels.


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