Lightlands is a rather lovely Tudor house near Frant in Sussex. Most of my ancestors were farm labourers, but one branch had descended from higher things and had once owned this house.


This is me standing in the back garden, with permission from the owner.

That was about a dozen or so years ago. Actually, it was in 2002.

My family, surnamed Stickland, lived there in the 17th and 18th centuries. Some parts of the family later stuck an r in to make it Strickland.

You can read more about Lightlands on the Weald web site at . This was an article published in the Sussex County Magazine back in 1935.

The route down from landed gentry to agricultural labourer took three generations. My great granny (I never met her but my sister did just) could have said that her great grandfather was a rich man. Who knows where it all went. Not that I much care. I’m amongst those who think love of money brings people a lot of misery.


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