Shove ha’penny again

This game for a third time? Surely it can’t be worth so many posts. Well clearly I think it is.

My wife and I had a couple of games after most of the Christmas hullaballoo had died down. It reminded me of the lovely old ha’pennies I use for the game.

When bought, the game came with some of the old coins but to my way of thinking they weren’t quite fit for purpose.


These coins date from the 1950s and 1960s and they are lovely, with the sailing boat tails side which those of us ‘of an age’ will well remember. But they are a bit new looking.

You don’t want coins in new condition. You want ones  which have been worn smooth with the passage of time. Actually, in pubs they tend to use discs, cut to the required one inch diameter. These have never had heads or tails sides embossed on them.

Anyway, I searched through my collection of old coins and came up with a set of five half pennies which were pretty well smoothed down and these are what we use.


These coins all carry the image of the elderly Queen Victoria. They all show Britannia on the reverse and all are 19th century.

In use we keep them heads up so it is the tails side which gets worn very smooth.

The old Ha’penny ceased to be legal tender in 1969.


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