Timing eggs

Most of us may have thought that boiling an egg is one of the more straight forward culinary tasks. Yet it’s a task that seems to gather gadgets which aim to make sure you get an egg done to your own personal perfection. Here we see one such gadget. This appeared back at Christmas in my ‘stocking’. Oh yes, we may be adult but Santa still visits us. He seems, quite often to be in a bit of a light hearted  frame of mind with some of the presents he leaves, and maybe this particular item was in that class.

In shape and size it is a bit like half an egg but inside a clear plastic egg shape are coloured crystals.


This is the device which has, as yet, only had experimental use. I had to boil some water in a pan for another purpose lest anyone thinks I just wasted energy and released yet more carbon dioxide into the air.

What I discovered was that the pinky orange crystals turn white starting from the outside. I took about five minutes before the white reached the line which says ‘soft’. After another two minutes it reached ‘medium’ and fully nine minutes of boiling had elapsed before the hard line turned white.


It really is quite a dramatic change. I believe the crystals are what are known as ‘thermo-chromic’.

In time the egg timer returned to its lurid cool colour.

When you think about it, the device is fun but probably not all that useful. It takes no account of the main variable which is the size of the egg and, of course, you have to keep looking at it – taking the lid off the pan which does mean a bit more energy is used. So thanks, Santa but I may well stick to a clock or kitchen timer but as its fun, I will probably demo it to other people.


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