My Dad aged 0 to 10

I am well blessed with photos of my father. My grandparents were, I am assured, always short of money but photos were taken. Of course these were not in the huge numbers taken today. But there are enough to portray the change from baby to boy and onto being a young man and more on into adulthood and old age.

Let’s just look at early days here.

Dad was born in 1919. No doubt this was approximately nine months after his dad returned from World War One service.


This is an early photo with dad just a few months old.

Dad was born and raised in Bexhill so the seaside was always an available attraction. Here we see him as about a two year old with his spade and ready to dig.


At a similar age dad had a close encounter with a black swan. This must have been in the Egerton Park in Bexhill.


The next photo has been captioned by my dad.


His Aunt Mercy lived on Malthouse Road in Crawley.


This collection was taken when Harry stayed with Aunt Nellie. Aunt Nellie at Firle seemed to have been his venue for a summer break.

Another photo at Firle.


I think there are amazing family likenesses here with grandchildren and great grandchildren my dad never knew.

Let’s finish with Harry the schoolboy in 1928.


So there we have just a few photos to cover the first ten years of Dad’s life. There are many more.


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