Old Father Time

Old Father Time

Hey! This is my father.


For some event – I don’t remember it – my dad was chosen to be Old Father Time to mark the end of 1953. I’m afraid I don’t know who his young companion is but the event was almost certainly in Ifield in Sussex and who knows – somebody might be able to tell me.

My dad, Harry, looks a bit like the grim reaper with his scythe and face hiding false beard but he carries a poster with news headlines from 1953.


We Have: coronation, Everest climbed, Neville Duke gains world speed record, Gordon Richards wins Derby, Piltdown Man, The Ashes, The Gatwick Plan.

This all serves to remind me of my age. I remember some of these events – sport was not that important in my household although I well remember England retaining the ashes in the Jim Laker series of 1956. Do we all see ourselves as quite young? It certainly comes as a bit of a jolt to realise I am remembering events from more than 60 years ago.


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