Trains in a Tent

OK folks. There are no real trains in this one – just a board game which is actually called ‘Ticket to Ride (Europe)’.

The game was bought for me by my daughter who no doubt thought that a game which might have a train theme would suit me. And it did although, in truth it hardly mattered that it was about building rail routes in competition with others. It just proved to be a really good game – simple to play and with a definite mix of luck, planning and a tad of skill.

My wife and I were soon addicted and had taken the game on a camping holiday with us. We had basically been up in Scotland, but on the way home we found our way to a site in Derbyshire where son and future daughter in law were staying. Now future daughter in law was also addicted to the game – more so than us – and for their camping holiday the two of them had actually taken two different versions of the game with them. We always called this game ‘trains’. It seemed snappier and shorter than Ticket to Ride but nobody else would have a clue what we meant if we suggested a game of trains.

Well of course, we had a glorious get together in our nice spacious tent and had a four person game of trains. And here’s wife and daughter in law with the corner of the board just visible.


As you can see we’ve had a brew up. Mugs of tea are ready.

That was a memorable stop for many reasons – really lovely to meet up with the family in remote Derbyshire.


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