Percy Kesby

Really I know so little about my Kesby relatives. One of my great grandmothers was born Sarah Jane Kesby. Percy was her youngest brother. Sarah Jane was born in 1874 whereas Percy was born in 1893 which pretty well makes him a generation younger in age. In fact Sarah Jane’s eldest child was born in 1892 – before her baby brother arrived.

Percy was born at Tonbridge in Kent which had become the centre of things for what became my mother’s side of the family.  He was the youngest of nine children born to Fred kesby and his wife Caroline who had been Caroline Mallion.

Percy married Cecelia Barton in 1913. As far as I know the couple had four children of which two (both boys) died in infancy.

I believe he had grandchildren born in the 1930s with the surname McIver. And there were more in the 1940s with the surname Norris.

The story in the family was that the marriage was not a huge success and that while Percy continued to support and see his wife he actually lived with a lady called Grace. My one picture shows Percy with Grace.


Percy died in 1962. His money (£308) was left to his widow Cecelia. What became of Grace? I have no idea.

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