Johnson Rag

This could sound like some kind of cleaning product. Let’s just say it isn’t. I’m not sure that Johnson Rag is a particularly well known Glenn Miller performance. I have a number of CDs and it doesn’t appear on them. But I also (and there’s no surprise about this) have quite a collection of good old 78rpm Glenn Miller records which I assume date back to the 1940s. Johnson Rag is on the other side of ‘Yes my darling Daughter’. Here’s the record label image002 Yes it’s on the HMV label And yes, it is a good tune. You can hear some of it by clicking the link below.

I’m sorry that my Dulcetto gramophone can sound a bit tinny. – I have never used it  to showcase a record before. It’s probably the wind up gramophone I have that is nearest in age to Glenn Miller’s recording. Even so it is from the 1920s rather than the late 30s or 40s. Sometimes little coincidences happen and finding this record brought a smile to me. It was the combination of record and the sleeve it was in that did it – so here’s the sleeve. image004 It’s in a sleeve provided by Hobson and Allen of Sheffield. The simple amusement I got is that I have a niece with surname Johnson who lives in Sheffield. A Johnson record in a Sheffield sleeve just seemed fitting.

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