Not suitable

Some of my older photos have got a bit lost in the mists of time. In a sense there is no excuse these days. With digital technology photos can be adequately captioned on the day they are taken. But back in the 70s it could take months to finish a colour film and by the time you actually saw your photos you may well have forgotten where they were taken. And this is just such a case. It’s a photo of a road sign which was truly anachronistic back in the early 70s when it was taken.


From memory, from more than forty years ago I think this was in North Wales but I really can’t be certain. What I can be certain of was that in the 1970s vehicles called charabancs just weren’t in use for they were the coaches of the 1920s and 30s and this is one of them, probably somewhere in Dorset.


So the road may have been unsuitable for one of these and presumably it would have been too steep, windy or narrow for the more modern looking coaches of the 1970s as well.


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