A South London collection

More record sleeves

I was quite amused to find four record sleeves in a row, all printed up for music traders in South London and here they are.


Let’s start on the right.


C and L Weaver were in Norbury. That was a suburban station on the line I took into London back in my train spotting days. Our trains never stopped there so I couldn’t tell you a thing about the place.

The record is


The Darktown Strutters’ Ball played by Spike Hughes and his Dance Orchestra.

Next is


L A Richards of Wimbledon – one of my frequent venues as a train spotter.

The record is a Paul Wightman one called Ragamuffin Romeo.


Third up we have


Rhythm Ltd of Thornton Heath. Thornton Heath was another suburban station my trains used to race through.

The record is a jazz standard.


It’s Ain’t Misbehavin’ performed by Jack Hylton and his Orchestra.

Which brings us to the fourth sleeve –


Willy’s of Deptford.

Deptford entered my life when I was a student. We used to enjoy a Saturday morning jaunt down to Deptford Market, rarely buying anything although I still have one item I bought there to my knowledge.

Anyway this record is


We’re Uncomfortable played by Eddie Norris and his Ambassador’s Band. And this is the one I recorded. I played it on the gramophone I use most for actually playing records. It isn’t clockwork but it is quite elderly.


It’s a battery electric gramophone and so uses a lightweight pick up which causes much less damage to the surface of the record. Normally it is in the cupboard behind it and those doors serve as a great filter for removing the crackle of these old records. The gramophone was bought for my wife’s grandfather as he got a bit arthritic. I think we inherited it back in about 1969. It is still in regular use.

You can click here to hear the record play. The record is really a comment on the uselessness of men back in the 1930s.


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