What a peach

My childhood home had a peach tree growing against a wall which faced more or less due south. My memory, probably false, is that we used to get a good crop of peaches off it. This is me gathering some in 1958.


That’s me up the Ladder with a little basket of peaches. I’m wearing my junior school tie. This was my third junior school. For various reasons I hadn’t much enjoyed my first two schools but number three found me happy and keen and proud to be a member of it. My brother, standing at the door behind me was older than me and I see he has the secondary school uniform on.

The ladder I am on had been home made by my dad. This was the first year in which he had experimented with colour slide film. I believe he had borrowed a camera from a teacher at the secondary school.

This brings back happy childhood memories and then that little sadness creeps in. I am still not used to the idea that I am now the only survivor from that happy home.

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