Lost in translation

We have recently started using a packet of Darjeeling tea which a relative brought back from India. The leaf is in quite large pieces and it produced a weak looking but quite flavoursome tea.

The instructions that came with the tea – which were badly trimmed by the packager, might offer a suggestion for getting more colour and an even more flavoursome version of the beverage.


It’s that first, short phrase under ‘How to prepare’ that perhaps we have been getting wrong.


Boil fresh water in cattle!. Oh dear, we used a kettle which is surely what the instructions mean. Or perhaps we were supposed to be making Darjeeling beef tea? But come to think of it, cows are sacred in India so this really is a dreadful slip up – not actually in translation, but more in just plain getting the right word.

But I enjoy a smile at the thought of it.


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