Petherick Creek

This creek is in Cornwall and near Padstow. I won’t say I knew it as a child, but we did go, as a family, to Padstow back in 1961. My dad seemed happy to indulge me in my train spotting hobby and Padstow was a place of importance, being the final outpost and terminus of the southern line from Waterloo.

Just before arrival at Padstow the line needed to be carried over Petherick Creek and there was a girder bridge, much admired by photographers.

The Southern Railway thought enough of the scene to feature it in a poster.


It certainly adds a bit of character to the foreground and allows the train in mid distance to appear tiny in wonderful scenery.

Sadly, the line was ‘Beechinged’ and closed entirely as uneconomic and unwanted. It would have been uneconomic, but many people still wanted it but sadly it was swept away nearly 50 years ago.

But the Petherick Creek Bridge survived and is now a part of a footpath and cycleway.

Back in 2007 (November) I targeted the bridge for a couple of photos. One was from a long way away, across the Camel estuary, which is the big body of water to the left of the bridge in the poster.


Yes, it really is a long way away, but we can do a bit of a zoom here.


My other photo was from much nearer and from a point higher than the bridge. We are looking towards the very end of the line at Padstow.


Once again, we can zoom.


Now I can half close my eyes and imagine the Atlantic Coast Express (the ACE) drifting over that bridge after its long journey from Waterloo. How magic it would have been to have actually seen that.


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2 Responses to “Petherick Creek”

  1. Thom Hickey Says:

    Thanks. Atmospheric stuff. I’m down in Sennen cove this half term so this seems very close! Regards Thom.

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