The Allman family

One of my great grandmothers was born Ada Louise Allman. I never knew her and neither did my mother who was her granddaughter. For Ada, by then Ada Jones and the mother of eight children died back in 1915.

At that time she lived in Hildenborough close by Tonbridge in Kent. But when she was born, in 1869, it had been in Hale in Cheshire. Indeed, when her daughter who was my grandmother was born in 1900 the Jones family still lived in Cheshire, at Ashton on Mersey.

Ada Louise was the daughter of John Allman and Mary Bateman who were both Cheshire born. So, too, was John’s father, William Allman who was born back in 1805.

I have but one small photograph of any member of the family. This is, I suppose, an appeal for any more. My one photo is of a young man called Arthur Allman. He was a cousin of Ada’s born in 1881 in Bowden in Cheshire which, by one of those quirks of fate was where my wife was born as well. My little head shot of Arthur dates from about 1900 and was taken in Hale.


As far as I know Arthur married Annie Hinkingbottom in 1905 and I believe they had a daughter called Jessie.

I’d dearly love a photo of Ada. In fact I’d like to know more about the Allman family generally.


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