An old tourist flyer

What strange things turn up when you decide to have a sort through old tourist leaflets and brochures.

Amongst our rather overblown collection was this flyer from 1974.


Regular blog readers might recognise that named paddleboat, Charlotte Dundas. Back in those 1970s we used to be one of the volunteer crews who took folks for trips on this rather quaint old vessel. She has appeared before on this blog. Click here to see it.

But back to that 1974 flyer which really does make the past sound like a foreign country. Open up the flyer and this is what you see.


For most of the season Charlotte Dundas operated from Honeystreet. In fact another earlier post on this blog shows the boat there and you can click here to see that one. The canal was much more what people wanted there. In all honesty it was a tad dull through Devizes, sunk in quite a deep cutting, but Honeystreet offered a bit of canal side industry and lovely open views of downland and the Vale of Pewsey.


The flyer has been pen altered and it looks as though four one hour trips were offered. But just look at that price of 30p. It sounds absurdly cheap but in real terms it equates well with the £6 hour and a half trips from Hungerford on an altogether classier trip boat.

We also have the same flyer for the following year – 1975. Inflation was rife back then and a swingeing 25% increase in fares had been made – 40p for adults!

Groups could hire boat and volunteer crew for a two hour trip on a summer’s evening as well. I used to love doing those trips. The groups were always fun and two hours allowed one to get to Ladies Bridge before returning the group for refreshments at the Barge Inn at Honeystreet.

Happy memories!


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