A family perambulation

Perhaps the title should really be a family perambulator or pram for short.


What we see today is a 1920s photo of a baby in a pram and a boy. Let’s start with him. He is my dad who was born in 1919

I’m guessing from his age that the baby in the pram might be his sister – my Aunty Dora – who was born in 1923. It is often hard to recognise a baby so it could be almost anybody else, but the ages look to be about right.

But really, it is the pram that is the star of the show.


I couldn’t be certain, but it appears to have some kind of basket work side and of course it is mounted on those big bow springs to make sure baby had a smooth ride.

I just don’t see prams like this anymore. They are completely incompatible with cars and as most people have cars, big prams like this have been consigned to history (or to very wealthy people) in the last forty years or so.

What a lovely photo this is. I only have a negative so there is no caption, but well done Grandad who took the shot.


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