Swan attack

Like most people, I love swans but am just a bit wary of them. They are big and brave and stories abound about how a swan’s wing can break human bones. And when nesting or with young cygnets, they can put up unlikely challenges.

Back in 2009 I was given a birthday present of a family day out, hiring a day boat on the Long Pound of the Kennet and Avon Canal. We came under a swan attack as we passed close by a nest, actually close to a bridge I have featured on this blog called Ladies Bridge. Our boat wasn’t huge, but it had six adults on board and however plucky a swan might be it wasn’t going to stop us.


He probably thinks he won the battle, for we cruised on and didn’t disturb his mate on the nest.

A game that gets called ‘Trains’ in this family has also featured before on this blog in a post I called ‘trains in a tent’. This picture could be captioned ‘Trains in a Boat’.


Hmm, my bet is that the blues went on to be the winners. As per usual, there has been a brew up.

Thanks to my children and their other halves for a grand day out. And what a lot has happened since then. Other halves have become spouses and we now have three grandchildren. We of the senior generation have retired and seem to be busy as ever. What a wonderful life it is.


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2 Responses to “Swan attack”

  1. Hollie Ann Henke Says:

    We have 5 swans who have been living on the small lake in front of our house. We have to walk across the road to get our mail and last year one of them was nesting nearby…They are SO MEAN! My neighbor and I couldn’t get the mail for a couple of days because they were charging us and hissing. Two of the swans even set up guard duty in the (busy) road and were attacking cars until the police and the wildlife ranger came and removed the two hostile ones. Your post brought this vivid recollection to mind. Thanks for sharing!

    • locksands Says:

      Thanks Hollie. I like reminiscing but I really don’t live in the past. I like your genealogy page too. Thanks for sharing that.

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