Ian Allan’s Trains card game

This was another pack of cards that were discovered whilst having a tidy up. They obviously date from my time as a train spotter – I’d date them as 1961. I do not recall if I bought them or if they were bought for me by a kind relative. I have to say I have no recollection of ever playing the game either.

This is a boxed set of cards.


That’s a nice picture on the front. It looks like a British Railways Brittania Class loco possibly working hard up in the Westmoreland Fells.

The backs of the card inside are plainer.


They feature a Gresley A4 class loco – like world steam speed record holder, Mallard.

But the fronts of the card are more interesting.


Some are route cards, others portray stations and others offer conditions and situations that might have been found on the railways of 1961. They are all about the East and West coast routes between London and Scotland and they feature a mix of steam and diesel locos. They are a pleasure to look at but of course they don’t feature any of my favourites from the south east of England.

There is a book of rules.


I have to say the rules seem horrendously complex. I know each page is small, but there are 24 pages of them!


There’s a sample. Yes it really does look complex.

I believe this game is quite collectable (even if not very playable).


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2 Responses to “Ian Allan’s Trains card game”

  1. larryzb Says:

    Thanks for sharing this interesting trip down memory lane. It is amazing what can turn up when one cleans out the attic or basement or garage. Nice images.

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