An AA Key

Finding my leather key fob from Knaresborough, yesterday, found me another item which I thought was worthy of remembering on the good old blog. It was my AA key, still attached to that leather fob. I just took it off so that it would lie flat for a photo.


Back in days past, members of the Automobile Association all had such a key. Scattered around the country the AA and the rival RAC had special phone boxes for members. They were more spacious than the standard box and had little extras like notepaper and pencil inside.

I took a look at an AA box on this blog and you can see it here.

This key has no great age. I became a car owner in 1970 so it probably dates from then. It has the ‘modern’ font for AA. Earlier keys had a font that was rather more antique looking.

Of course, I don’t own this key. As a member of the motoring organisation – who would thus come to help you in the event of a breakdown – I was entitled to hold a key. The reverse of the key makes this ownership clear.


I could have used the in about 1000 boxes. Now there are but 19 preserved and maintained. Well, we all use mobile phones now! So I have another useless souvenir of a past time.



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10 Responses to “An AA Key”

  1. Thom Hickey Says:

    You’re building a great memory palace with your blog! Thom

  2. Pete Says:

    I’m sure I have a vague memory of there being an AA box on the road between Beckhampton and Marlborough…

  3. locksands Says:

    I think I remember that too.

  4. Mom Says:

    Haha! I thought it was AA like Alcoholics Anonymous. I thought “what an odd combo, alcoholism and a car key”…sounds dicy!

  5. Roger Day Says:

    The AA Box beside the A4 at Beckhampton was between the Wagon and Horses and the roundabout. Does anyone have a photograph?

    • locksands Says:

      I could wish for one as well.

      Roger, I wonder if I might contact you regarding your involvement with history/drama events in Market Lavington?

      • Roger Day Says:

        I think you may be getting me mixed up with another Roger Day who, I think, lives in Trowbridge. I come from Hungerford.

      • locksands Says:

        Thanks for putting me straight on that. Yes, that other Roger Day was a drama adviser for Wiltshire schools at one time.

      • Roger Day Says:

        Yes, I think that’s him. If you come across any information or photographs relating to AA boxes or patrolmen in Wiltshire please think of me. Best wishes, Roger.

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