A Virol Jar

Back in 1973 my wife and I went on a course – ‘Industrial Archaeology of Shropshire’. The course organiser was my dad and for those, better off than we young married couples, there was accommodation provided at Attingham Hall. We, the impoverished ones, camped off site in our little tent. My dad organised but was also a student. The course tutor was a fantastic bloke called Barrie Trinder.

On one occasion we went off to see a very early blast furnace and most interesting it was too, but some of us got waylaid by other distractions.


Not a good photo, but we found a baby hedgehog. I daresay it shouldn’t have been picked up!

And there was also a rubbish tip on which we found a Virol jar.


Now that, of course, we still have. I think it’s a lovely bit of earthenware and over the last more than 40 years, it has been much used as a vase for flowers.


Virol described itself as ‘The Ideal Food’ and as ‘A preparation of bone-marrow. An ideal food for children and invalids’.

The jars are common enough. I’m not a jot interested in cash value. I wouldn’t buy or sell at all. My collected items provide a jog to the memory. That’s their value to me.

I just wish I could remember something more about the blast furnace we visited!


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