A Medieval experience

It was the end of a Millennium. Well not quite the end, but certainly near it. Actually, it was the 18th December and that year the weather broke with tradition by snowing before Christmas.

We had tickets for a concert of medieval music in the neighbouring village. This was no evening for taking a car out, particularly as we live at the top of a hill – a no through road never treated by the local authority. We walked through blizzard conditions.


I’m surprised to see a face in the torch my wife is carrying. Do I think ghosts? No, of course not. I just think it looks like the face of Henry the Green Engine.

We loved that walk. It lives in the memory – and also with a few photos like this one.


The concert was grand too – lovely simple medieval music on a variety of instruments. Musicians were a local man and his friends from south Wales. They had quite a journey and I think they were offered local accommodation in view of the weather.


That’s our local chap, Philip, on the right. I think that’s a hurdy-gurdy that he has. It looks as though musicians enjoyed themselves as much as the audience.

It’s scary to realise this very medieval experience was more than 15 years ago.


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