A tin tin mine

Last year we camped in Cornwall, close to Blue Hills Tin.

We thought a visit to this site was fantastic. The whole process of tin extraction and production was explained in clear easy to understand ways. You could see a water powered Cornish stamp in action, crushing tin ore. You could see furnaces for smelting the ore. It really was a wonderful visit, particularly as my wife has Cornish tin mining ancestors. Some insight was gained into what the bal maidens actually did and how miners actually worked. I’d thoroughly recommend a trip there. It’s well worth the entry price.

The whole process is gone through, in this case to finished items designed to be sold to us tourists. And why not? The site owners of this last working tin business in the Duchy have to make a living and when you see what a fantastic job they do – well, you feel a need to come out with a bit of tin.

One item we bought was a tine mine engine house, cast in blue hills tin. It’s a lovely item and of course with the ancestry it is very meaningful to us.

It comes in a box which makes a handy display stand.


And it really looks the part – that iconic symbol of the Cornish scene…


…no matter which way you look at it.


Now who needs silver when tin looks that good?

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