Holmbush Forest – 1955

I have a photo today, taken by dad just about 60 years ago for it was at Easter in 1955. The photo was taken in Holmbush Forest. The forest is situated near Crawley, where we lived. Colgate is to the south and Faygate is near the northwest corner. These days the enormously busy A264 road skirts the northern edge. Part of the forest is now the Buchan Country Park.

Did I just say we lived in Crawley? It wasn’t true back then for we lived in the village of Ifield which was subsumed in Crawley as the New Town was built. I left Sussex years ago and have lived in Wiltshire for 44 years now.

But that’s a digression. Let’s look at the photo.


My dad never did stick to the rules. He’s taken this picture into the sun to give what I think is a very pleasing silhouette effect. The three people in the picture are, from the left, my sister, me and my brother with the forked stick.

My dad liked this picture and although it was taken at Easter it found use as a Christmas card.

I’m afraid the photo makes me a little melancholic. I am the only survivor of my childhood home – but at least I have happy memories in my head and a goodly stock of photos to look at from those happy and carefree days.


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3 Responses to “Holmbush Forest – 1955”

  1. Mom Says:

    That is Art! I would have that made into a canvas and put it prominently on display.

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