Eclipse – March 20th 2015

For the 1999 total eclipse I got (with the family) to a place called Mars which is quite near Nancy in France.

For the 2015 eclipse there was no chance for me to find a place for totality. In fact I had a job to do at Stonehenge, much beloved of sky watchers, of course.

As I pulled into the carpark there was a good opportunity for a photograph. A dark black cloud had just the right density to allow the grinning sun to shine through.

Actually, by the time I was able to press the shutter on the camera, the cloud had moved. I still got a photo but it would have been better a few seconds earlier.


I didn’t have my better camera. I thought it would be too much of an encumbrance for the rest of the day so I need to do a lot of digital zooming with that image.


Earlier in the day, at home,  I had made a pin-hole camera consisting of a piece of card which I pierced with a small screwdriver and a piece of paper that happened to be about. My wife and I were able to safely see the shape of the sun through that with no risk to our eyes.

I’d also done a point and hope shot with my zoomier camera.


As you see, it was cloudy which probably produced a better photo

Stonehenge is about 12 miles from my house. All the laybys on the way were filled with the cars of eclipse watchers. Stonehenge was awash with sky watchers. Or rather I should say the area around the visitor centre was. In a day at Stonehenge I never actually saw the stones! We picked up stories of exotically dressed folk beating drums and chanting. Maybe they were just having fun, or maybe they were driving away the dragon that was eating the sun! Or maybe they were marking the spring equinox. Starting tomorrow, day is longer than night in the northern hemisphere.


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One Response to “Eclipse – March 20th 2015”

  1. opobs Says:

    One hundred times better than my dismal attempt!

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