Midvaag Post Office

was recently contacted by somebody else whose father served in the Faroe Islands during World War II. I was able to look at his photos, which made me think I should do another Faroese post.

Midvaag is one of the villages on the island of Vagar. That was where many of the British troops on the islands were based. Nearby there was an area flat enough for a landing strip for aircraft and also a lake big enough for landing sea planes.

My father in law took a photo of the Post Office when he was based on Vagar in 1944/45.


Father in law did a very good job captioning his photos. This image is clearly labelled as ‘Post Office’ and the whole page in his album is dedicated to Midvaag.


Back in the 1940s the island was given its name in Danish rather than in the Faroese language. Similarly the place is now Midvagur

You might note the two small trees near the post office door. Sixty years on, in 2005, they came to dominate the scene.


Trees are a rarity on the islands but these two seem to have coped with the potentially wild weather of the North Atlantic.

The local starlings thought these trees were a great place for a roost!


That picture shows the top of our car as well. Back in 2995 it was possible to get a car ferry from a British port (Lerwick on Shetland) to Thorshavn, the capital of the Faroes. An undersea road tunnel links the island of Streymoy (Thorshavn is on that island) to Vagar.

Let’s finish with another image of that Post Office.


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One Response to “Midvaag Post Office”

  1. wanderlustress786 Says:

    Ah, I too really enjoy finding and looking at pictures from the past. Amazing how things change or stay the same over time.

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