Hillworth Birds

The park in Devizes, known as Hillworth Park has had an aviary with pretty birds in it ever since I have lived in the area – and that’s 45 years. The park was recently revamped and is much more of a place to go than it used to be. The birds are still there and were given a splendid home. I don’t really like caged birds, but these have space to fly, to nest, to be on their own or with the crowd so I guess it isn’t an unpleasant environment for them. Of course they are well fed so one might say they don’t have a care in the world.

From time to time we took our children to see the budgerigars in the park. Now we take grandchildren and there is a wider variety of birds. Let’s start with a zebra finch.


All photos have to be taken through that hefty mesh. If your lens is large, the trick is to put the camera lens right on the mesh. As if by magic, the mash bars seem to vanish. There is one in that picture which shows faintly as a very blurred grey area. You can see it above and below the letter C on the feed tray.


Love birds or budgerigars?  The out of focus metal bars show up at left and right side. I could call it a form of vignetting.

This is a variety of sparrow. The aviary has a good board telling you what the birds are. My memory failed on that one. Is it a Java sparrow?


There are ground level scavengers in the form of pretty chickens. The board said they were silkies but I’m certain this is not a silkie.


Granddaughter enjoyed the birds – just like her dad and aunty had a generation earlier.


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