The Real Tamworth One

Back at Christmas time I commented on a coaster my wife was given – a coaster which featured a Tamworth sow. I told a little of the story of the Tamworth sow we had kept for a work colleague of mine – a chap who had to go for cancer surgery.

It was not an easy pig for us to keep. This young girl proved adept at high jump and she could easily vault out of our pigsty, even when I added an extra layer of blocks to the wall. She was also a powerful weight lifter and could happily lift heavy steel gates off their hinges and lay them down flat before setting off for escapades around our village.

Back when I wrote about her, I had really quite forgotten just how long ago it had been since our time with the Tamworth one, but I was recently looking through photos for something else and came across pictures of her. It was 1990 which, it scares me to think, is now 25 years ago.


And there she is, with me offering her some food. By this time I had learned that an electric fence was the only way I could keep her in. Our Tamworth was tamed by one electric shock and then knew to keep her distance from the netting. She settled down to doing what pigs do, which is to be a kind of living plough, rooting through the soil. Lest anyone worries, she had a pig ark to offer shelter from wind and rain. Being solo probably wasn’t so good and she loved human company. Yes, she was quite cute when she wasn’t escaping and terrorising the village.

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