A brass works plate

That I’d have a brass works plate off a British steam loco may be expected. Regular readers who have looked at this page will know I do have such an item.

However, this plate is clearly German and has nothing whatever to do with railways.


M. Lehmann founded their engineering works in Dresden in 1834. Their speciality was equipment needed in the manufacture of chocolate. The company survived until 1945 and was then destroyed when Dresden was bombed although it was restarted as a nationalised company. Under different names it was privatised in 1992.

This plate came off some kind of chocolate making machine at a sweet factory in Crawley. I worked there when I was a student during one summer holiday. This machine was out of use and a supervisor was happy for me to take this plate. The machine was a large circular vat in which chocolate mixture was stirred and mixed. I’m working from long ago memory but would guess the vat was about 3 metres across. The plate is curved to fit this, so I’m sure if I was clever I’d be able to work out the size of the vat from the plate!

Presumably this machine was sold by the agents, Bramigk & Co. of London.

I have a feeling that the machine was pre-war in origin, albeit it was about 1969 when I worked for the company.


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