Footpaths through fields

Many a footpath goes slap through the middle of a farmed field. It must be a tad annoying for farmers who have to lose a little of their acreage to walkers, but we walkers appreciate such footpaths, straight and direct, enormously. We should all try our hardest to avoid damage to the crops which grow alongside such paths.

It is inevitable that such paths come under the cultivator from time to time. Farmers quite often run a tractor wheel up and down the path a few times to make it clear and obvious. Sometimes it is up to walkers to remake the path.

One such path, quite near my house, has recently been cultivated and drilled with this year’s crop. I rather like the drilled field. These are pictures taken in March 2015.


But where does the footpath go? This one hadn’t been remade by the farmer and not many walkers had made the journey since cultivation took place but the path was just visible.


By the way, the soil is light and sandy here. It was no problem to walk over and you didn’t get boots weighed down with heavy, claggy clay.

Interestingly, having walked across the path, I could see it showed up better facing into the sun.


Later in the year we’ll be able to enjoy walking through crops. This was the same footpath last August.



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