Me and my trike

It’s a bright sunny morning as I write this and under those circumstances I often think of those lazy, hazy days of childhood. It certainly doesn’t look like summer in the photo below.


This photo was taken by my dad in 1953. He processed his own photos making contact prints from the square negatives on 120 roll film. Here we see me, with my trike, in the back garden. I say my trike but of course it had belonged to big brother and even bigger sister before me, and who now knows where it came from before that. I know I loved that trike and couldn’t understand why people thought I should progress to a two wheeler. But of course, I did do that and I have no idea what became of this venerable old tricycle.

The old back garden is full of memories for me.  Just behind me is the bird table where my friends the starlings used to squabble and fight over anything that was put there. Or alternatively, they kept away because our adopted ginger cat, which never got a name beyond ‘Puss’, was using the table as his day bed.

Over on the left we see the shed and also the ‘pole shed’ my dad put up to shelter the family bikes. The shed was always a delight with its shelf holding a row of National Dried Milk tins, each actually holding different sizes of nail. My dad had a decent engineering vice as well. It was always fun to find a piece of softwood and tighten that up in the jaws of the vice to get an imprint of the jaw’s face on the wood.

Behind me, and not visible in the photo was the swing/trapeze which dad made. I loved that swing, particularly when the factory – a branch of British Manufactured Bearings – at the bottom of the garden had ‘Music While You Work’ on the radio. That was ‘Music While you Swing’ for me.

Yes, very happy memories brought on by a sunny morning!


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