Welcome to your new home

We moved to our current home in 1976 – 39 years ago. I think some people thought we were mad to take on a very run down, albeit post World War 2 house and about 4 acres of land with a neighbour who had recently been involved in blocking access. But we had by-passed him and had no worries on that score, the house was basically sound and we approached the acres with enthusiasm.

Friends Brian and Sheila were certainly supportive and they baked and decorated a cake for us.


We planned to live the god life of self-sufficiency and some of our plans featured on the cake. We certainly planned to keep poultry, and very soon we had our first little flock. Whether we had reckoned on keeping sheep, I can’t remember, but we certainly did keep them and there are still sheep on our field, but these days they belong to a friend. We also planned to grow Christmas trees as a cash crop and that never did work out well for the livestock had too much of a taste for the succulent, tender, new shoots of the conifer trees. Having said that, we have the one that got away and now stands thirty or more feet tall and we haven’t given up on the idea of doing Christmas trees again.

The good life had been in operation before we moved and continued. There was a time when we made all our own bread and certainly the loaves by the cake are homemade ones.

The make do life continues. I note the table cloth which, if memory serves me right was sold as a bed spread. Thirty nine years on we still have and use it. There’s a teapot stand in the frame as well. Yes, we still have that although it isn’t much used. Teapot makers seem to have lost the art of making non-drip spouts so we tend to use a tray which catches the drips these days.

The table, under the cloth is definitely the one we still use. We have only had the one table throughout our 44 years of married life. The chairs, though, have changed. The originals we had, basic 1970 style seats, did not survive the rough and tumble of normal life. We replaced them with much sturdier examples.

Fashions may come and go, but we’ll continue to use what we have and like.

Oh yes. We still have the friends to but it gets harder to see them for we are all involved with children and grandchildren these days.


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