Some memories of mother

My mother died when I was in my teens. Yes, it was a tough time for me, and who knows, it may have had an impact on the rest of my life. But surely one secret of being happy is making the best of things. That doesn’t mean forgetting but it does mean accepting that tough things happen but life is still worth living. I always say that my life, so far, has been good.

Of course I loved my mother dearly and I am delighted to have some physical – actual items – memories of things she did.

During her long fight with cancer, she knitted. Nothing fancy, that I recall, but she made me a very serviceable jumper and of course I still have it.


It’s in amazing condition, considering how much I wore this. And it is now over fifty years old!

I was so pleased with this one that mum followed it up with one to the same pattern but in white. Back in those teenage days I used to play cricket for local teams and this was a cricket jumper.


My brother fancied one of these jumpers as well and Mum started on one for him but sadly she never finished it. However, my future mother in law did complete the jumper for him.

My brother died (cancer again) some 35 years ago and that jumper got passed to me. It was hardly worn by either of us.


I am, of course, delighted to have these memories of both mother and brother.

Now just to be a bit of a nerd! The three photos were taken in the order shown, in the same place, with the same camera and identical settings.

It is interesting to note that the white jumper appears to have a darker background than the darker jumpers. Cameras may not lie, but they may display their own version of the truth!


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One Response to “Some memories of mother”

  1. Janet Says:

    Treasures. Guardians of memories.

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