Meet the Gang

Now just how many wheelbarrows can one couple need? Surely that would be two at most. But that reckons without odd bits of silliness and strange gifts from elsewhere.

Anyway, here’s most of the gang.


In the lead, as it were, we have my builder’s or reasonably heavy duty barrow. Or it was once. Age has wearied it and I have had to bolt new pieces to the bottom of the actual barrow and fabricate pieces to hold it to the frame. And in that form it still gets used as the reasonably heavy duty barrow. It is, of course, equipped with the frame round the front wheel which makes tipping easier

In that respect it is unlike the green plastic barrow on the left. This is big in capacity but of light weight construction which makes it fine as a garden weeder’s barrow. But it can be pressed into service for anything as long as it isn’t too heavy. It is the most used of our barrows.

Working across we have a barrow we bought second hand in Hungerford. We liked the rounded front and the fact that it has that bit of tipping frame in front of the wheel. But the base has worn thin so it only gets light work.

The fourth barrow, loaded with compost from the heap, was a gift from my sister who decided their tiny garden, which she remade in accordance with TV garden makeover principles, no longer needed a barrow. Well, it’s a handy little garden barrow and as can be seen it gets use.

There is a fifth member of the group, but not really a gang member, for until I get round to buying it an inner tube, it isn’t used. It was given away on the local free recycling web site. It has been commandeered as a temporary plant store.


So there we have the gang of wheelbarrows!



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