Election Time

Don’t worry. I’m not going to spout any political message except the one and that’s to say if you are a UK resident and entitled to vote then please do so.

I could look back to a time when a toy I have shown before on this blog was a representation of what we say on the street at election time.


Yes, it is my childhood Dinky toy loudspeaker van and these appeared from somewhere at election time and went around the streets imploring us to vote for somebody. We don’t seem to see the like these days.

In fact for the 2015 election very little has come my way in terms of election addresses. I can recall, back in 1964, helping my grandparents stuff election addresses into envelopes. It was the norm that all candidates sent out an address to all households. That doesn’t seem to happen any more.

No canvassers have called on me to ask how I plan to vote or maybe to try and make me change my mind. It seems very removed from me as an individual.

Yet I will vote. I am in that older age range of people who do tend to vote and apparently politicians try to woo us. That’s not something I have actually noticed.

By the way, and this more for people outside the UK. Unless we are in particular constituencies we don’t vote for the person who will be prime minister. Where I live the candidates I can vote for are:

Green                         Emma Dawnay
Conservative            Claire Perry
UKIP                          David Pollitt
Liberal Democrat    Manda Rigby
Labour                       Chris Watts

The chances are you won’t have heard of any of them although one of them is our sitting MP and a minister in the government.

I reckon it’s back to the Dinky toys for me!



3 Responses to “Election Time”

  1. Travels With My Son Says:

    Woo! That’s taken me back. I had completely forgotten about the loudspeaker van driving through the village in the 1960s, electioneering.
    I had a phone call from the party I’ve always voted for, and when I said I was undecided this year they rather gave up on me. Not the right attitude at all I thought! Luckily for them I returned to the fold without their help.
    My seat is VERY marginal…. Just 42 votes in it. What a cliffhanger.

    • locksands Says:

      I have been just the same. I have never been a party member but used to work for one of them at election times. Having been very undecided this time I returned to the fold as well. I’m afraid my constituency is far from marginal. I think it would take a major miracle to unseat our sitting MP.

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