Dear Evercreech is out of reach!

Well it is, of course, only by train that Evercreech is out of reach. The place exists and seems to thrive.

But in times past Evercreech, in Somerset, had a junction station.  What I’ll call the main line from Bath to Bournemouth took summer holiday makers in their thousands. The original line became the branch to Burnham on Sea on the Somerset coast and the junction was at Evercreech.

In days of yore, when railways were common carriers, luggage could be delivered to any station in the UK and what we see here is a luggage label for Evercreech Junction.


This particular label was issued by the London and South Western Railway – a company which ceased to exist in 1923 when it was merged, with others, into the Southern Railway. Luggage labels didn’t always have a ‘from’ space but this one has been stamped from Broadstone Junction – a station near Poole which, like Evercreech, was ‘Beechinged’. They both closed in 1966.

Some labels had a space for ‘via’.


This was often the case if the destination station was operated by a different railway company. The printing cost for thousands of labels almost beggars belief. Just how much traffic was there to a small Somerset village whose population (according to Wikipedia) is 2334?

I have a substantial number of these old luggage labels given to me in the early 1960s when I was a youthful train spotter.

They bring back memories for me and can make me visit places.  I have been tof Evercreech and featured it on this blog. Maybe in the future I’ll find Evercreech Junction!


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