The Smyril

There is always a ship called Smyril serving the Faroe Islands, those wonderful little blobs of land way up in the North Atlantic Ocean, half way between Scotland and Iceland. It isn’t always the same ship – indeed it gets replaced as and when needed. The one we travelled on in 2005 was nearing the end of its life and was replaced soon after. The one father in law saw in 1945 was a different one again.




That’s his version of the ship which he captioned as…


That was on the most southerly of the islands – Suduroy. It’s a goodly two hour voyage from the island capital at Thorshavn.


In 2005 the service still ran from Thorshavn to Suduroy and we used it, on this ship.

In this case it was moored at Krambatangi. This ferry is, as can be seen, a car ferry but we were foot passengers only since we were met by Eric for a tour of the island.

And here’s a photo taken by Eric just 4 months later of the New Smyril (on the left) meeting our Smyril.



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