Me – and Prince Charles

No, I don’t know him and have never met him. I have come across his present wife. She seemed a nice lady.

Charles and I were born in the same month of the same year.




One of the photos is me. The other is him. There’s not much to choose between us except that it is me who seems to have mastered the royal wave.

As a child I was jealous of my royal counterpart’s wealth and privilege. I think I realised that actually I had a much better life than him in my teenage years. I could go to the local school, go out and play with my mates and go home to a loving mum and dad each day. Later, I had a free choice in who I married and where I lived and what I did for a living. I’ve even had the chance to retire from work whilst he still waits to start his job. Yes, I’ve been the lucky one of the two of us.

And that was made even clearer in the controversy over letters Charles sent to ministers ten years ago. I can send letters to ministers if I want to. Why on earth shouldn’t he be allowed an opinion as well? To me, he’s a person, no better and no worse than me. He should have the same rights as me – and of course responsibilities go hand in hand with rights. But surely he should be allowed to be who he is. Let the bloke be, I say!



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2 Responses to “Me – and Prince Charles”

  1. Janet Says:

    Hear hear.

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