My Great Granny was born and lived her childhood in the little village of Butley in Suffolk. Although photography existed when Sarah Ann Crosby (that was her name) lived in Butley I have no photographs of her from that era or, indeed of the Butley area.

Lack of evidence from those eras led me to finding postcards of Butley to get the feel of the place, albeit at the start of the twentieth century. This is one of them.


Butley is quite a scattered community in the broad and flat lands of south Suffolk but I do know that my main branch of an extensive Crosby family lived on The Street, quite near the Post Office. The Post Office has, almost inevitably closed, but I do know my dad went there with my gran (daughter of Sarah Ann) in the 1960s and spoke to elderly proprietors. The Oyster, the pub in the village still survives and, I hope, prospers. It stands at one end of the street.

It’s about a kilometre to the church and the former village school which stands next to it. Sarah Ann attended this school and there is, within the family, a sampler she made there in 1860.

It’s about another kilometre to the abbey and priory which stand near Six Cross Ways.

So here we have six peeks at views Great Granny would have known in her original home village.

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  1. marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

    Sorry, I don’t know the house number, but thanks for asking.

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