Stonehenge is not much more than ‘just down the road’ from where I live. Until a year or so ago, when the road I used when visiting many relatives was closed to improve the environs of the monument, I used to drive past it regularly, taking enormous care to avoid tourists who forgot that the stones were in a fork between two A roads.

But one has to go back in time since I last actually got in amongst the stones. It was 1978 and my son was a little lad in a wheelchair and I was still a user of the good old Canon Demi camera. Was Stonehenge not so popular back then? It seems amazing I got a photo from within the stone circle that is completely devoid of people.


Mind you, we can see the weather was awful even after the photo has been brightened up a bit.

It is only really when you get close up to the stones that you can gauge just how vast the huge sarsens – locally sourced – actually are. The inner ring of blue stones are much smaller, but it was still a mammoth task to bring them here from the Preseli Mountains in west Wales.

Last year we had a treat at Stonehenge by being guests at an event to mark the First World War and its impact on the area.

On a black November evening the stones were illuminated.


Buglers played ‘The Last Post’


And all the time, film of First World War soldiers was projected onto some stones.


This was a truly magical experience. It was a real privilege to be there.

Others, with better equipment than me got much better images. The one below comes from the ITV website who gave credit to PA for the photo – so I do as well.


Since the road changes I see less of Stonehenge for it has become easier to take a slightly more northerly route when I travel east to see the folks. But of course, it is still ‘just down the road’.

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