A Thousand and One Nights.

Regulars will know I have quite a large collection of the old 78 RPM records.  Most I have because I like the music from what might get called the jazz age. I do like jazz but equally I like the less jazzy dance band music of the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

Some of my records, though, celebrate a milestone in history or maybe have a quirky record label and this one, I think, has both of these.

Thomas Edison invented the phonograph which played cylindrical tubes. They, of course, could only have a track cut into one side.

Emil Berliner’s gramophone played the flat discs we call records and a big advantage was the ability to press the groove into it making mass production easier. But at first nobody thought of putting another track on the underside of the record. They were all ‘single siders’.

When the light dawned it was something to celebrate and this record does just that by calling itself ‘The Twin’ and stating in big writing that it is a double sided record.

So here is one side of this record.


This, as you can see, is not Thousand and One Nights. Labels stuck on that side rather obscure some parts, but here it is.


The 6D label can’t have anything to do with the original record and must have been stuck on later. The original label has the look of its age (about 1908). The fonts all have that little line known as a serif at the ends of each stroke. The 6D is a very austere sand serif font and is surely much more recent. But, having said that, the other label, presumably put there by a retailer, is also in a sans serif font.

I have recorded this, played on my little Peter Pan Gramophone. The quality is dreadful. The old record is well worn and very hissy!

You can hear Thousand and One Nights by clicking here.


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