Wall art

When our children were young we used to encourage them to scribble on walls but only in that short space of time after old wallpaper had been removed and before new went on. Our walls are a bit uneven and not all of the plaster is totally sound so we feel we have to use wallpaper. Emulsion paint isn’t really an option.

Back in 2005 we redecorated a room which had previously been done in 1989. Removing the 1989 wallpaper revealed, once again, some of the doodles done by our youngsters and here are a couple of them.

This one, dated, is clearly the work of our son and below, judging by the cat we see the work of daughter.


Re-finding these old ‘works of art’ is such fun. It almost makes it a pleasure to remove old wallpaper!


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5 Responses to “Wall art”

  1. sailingpenguin Says:

    I am glad I am not the only one that has done this.

    • locksands Says:

      Is it unusual? It seems such an obvious thing to do!

      • sailingpenguin Says:

        I don’t know if it is unusual but until today you were the first I have ever heard mention doing it!

      • locksands Says:

        Of course, most people probably don’t use wallpaper. We’d paint walls but the wallpaper helps keep the plaster in place!

      • sailingpenguin Says:

        Yep I know that one well. Most of our house we have had re-plastered but there are still two rooms that are papered with thick paper for this very reason and the fact that the plaster work was badly done when the house was renovated in the 70’s.

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