Bird Song

I am sufficient of an idiot that I can still think that despite the fact that we have ten clocks in our lounge (not to mention any watches we might wear or computers which might be on) we could still do with another.

Most of my clocks have a family connection and are good old clockwork devices but I’m not averse to modern quartz clocks. For a start, there’s a chance they’ll tell us the right time.

At a recent charity event in our village one stall had one of those clocks that tweet bird song each hour. It was cheap and the money I paid was for a very good cause (The British Red Cross) so I came away with the clock which of course, had no instructions. And here it is.


When I got it home and had time to look at it, I was not sure the bird song was working. The clock certainly worked and seemed to keep time but as hour followed hour, no birds tweeted. There was just a click.

Two things came to mind. My son has a classier version of this clock idea and the birds only sing in daylight. Maybe it was too dark for my bird clock to sing. Or maybe there was an on/off switch.

I found no evidence of either, but I did find a button to press which produced the bird song and seemed to loop through the different birds.

Anyway, as I write I have just heard the clock tweet 9 o’clock. I’m not sure I heard the blue tit but some of the clock sounds are rather vague trills. Maybe at 2 0’clock I’ll hear the cuckoo and then I’ll know if I have the right bird at the right hour.

Happy madness, one and all!

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2 Responses to “Bird Song”

  1. Janet Says:

    We gave a clock like that to our son and his wife. I’m not sure it ever worked. Last seen it was in their garage. I will check this out tonight when we go for our usual Friday night family dinner and film.

    • locksands Says:

      This one is now working and sounding the right bird on the right hour. My daughter found instructions on the web!

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