A car tax disc

I recently had to sell my car, as far as I know for scrap. I’d had the car for eight years and for the last three or so it had been the only car my wife and I had. But I have never bought a brand new car. The car was twelve years old and had reached the stage of needing major work on the engine – work which would have cost much more than the £100 or so that the car was valued at. So that car had to go.

It was still sporting its final ever tax disc. UK readers will be aware that all cars are taxed annually and until recently a disc stuck on the windscreen was proof of payment. Now, it seems, it takes no time at all for the car registration plate to be checked to discover if the road fund has been paid. The disc, which has been in use for as long as I have knowledge, became redundant.

But some of us are willing to keep a few old discs and here’s the final one for this car.


The disc is just on three inches in diameter (about 7.5 cm). It clearly states the expiry date, the make of car and the cost. It has been possible to pay for this car tax on line for some years, but for this I have stuck to getting it from my local Post Office for they get a bit of income for the transaction which helps to ensure the survival of that business.

Each year, you had to get a new disc and each year they were a different colour. This obviously helped police who might be checking such things to have a rapid way of identifying that the disc was a current and valid one. So here’s the disc from 1913 as well.


I shall miss these little bits of paper but at least the new car has a smaller engine and only costs £120 per year.



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