Daughter was staying recently and she found time to get through some of her teenage clothes, dating back to the 1990s – clothes she no longer wanted.

Amongst them there was this pair of slippers.


They may look in good nick from the top, but these slippers were much loved by the young teenaged daughter and the soles are worn out and have been repaired. But for us they bring back another memory.

Our daughter used to take part in local amateur dramatics and one year she was one of the children in the King of Siam in a youthful production of The King and I.

In one scene, the children tippy-toed on, Siamese fashion, except that one of them had forgotten to remove her slippers. Somehow those old hedgehog slippers didn’t look very Siamese. We, as humble parents in an audience were amused and hoped daughter wouldn’t be in too much trouble with the producer. I don’t think she was.

And now these old friends are to be discarded. But it just could be that loving parents will keep a hold of them and keep the memory going.


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